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an overdue update - Springtime in the Shire

About an overdue update

Previous Entry an overdue update Aug. 8th, 2003 @ 03:52 pm Next Entry
So yes, I am still here. I've been trying to get all packed and ready for school. When did I get all this STUFF?? Why do I need all this stuff? no clue.

Had a "girl's day" with mom today. We went to lunch and Wal-Mart to get me some rubbermaid storage containers then we went to go see Spy Kids 3-D. Really, I went to see it because I've never seen a 3-D movie before, but it was rather good. I mean if you are looking for deep content and life changing subject matter, this is not the movie for you, but over all it was a good little movie. Fun, well acted, creative, with a good family grounded message, oh--and the best part--an Elijah Wood cameo. HEE!! I was not expecting him to show up, and then there he was. it was so funny! I cracked up. (for those of you who don't know me well this wont be as funny, I LOVE Elijah Wood, I think his acting is inspired, and he has lovely eyes. hee.)

All in all a good day. ooh, and I bought the soundtrack to Bend it like Beckham :) But now it's back to the grind, I now have three days to finish packing and getting all my junk done. I hate packing.

Ok...I must go be productive now. Ta Ta.
The Wind Is Blowing...: amusedamused
The Soundtrack Of My Life: Bend it like Beckham
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