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I think I'm addicted.... - Springtime in the Shire

About I think I'm addicted....

Previous Entry I think I'm addicted.... Jun. 30th, 2003 @ 10:30 am Next Entry
Yay!! He always has been my favorite. ;)

Remus Lupin:
He's very intelligent, and quite bookish, but he's
very caring and he defends those he cares
about.He's quite attractive too, only he's so
quiet that most girls didn't notice him!

****NEW AND IMPROVED!!!*****Which Marauder (harry Potter) would you go out with? GIRLS
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Which Eowyn are you? ^___^
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thoughtful fairy
you are a thoughtful fairy. you listen to your
friends problems and you make sure everyone
around you is satisfied. you write in your
diary and listen to music just to get away from
it all. you are beautiful inside and outside.

(has pretty pictures) what kind of fairy are you? (for gurls)
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Ok...I think I've burned up enough time for one day...now it is time to go to lunch with my Dearest of Stephs!!!! YAY!!!
The Wind Is Blowing...: ditzyditzy
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