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Springtime in the Shire

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I have one thing to say about today... Mar. 15th, 2006 @ 10:07 pm
Beware the Ides of March

...that is all.

Hurry Up And Wait... Mar. 14th, 2006 @ 10:39 pm
...is the name of the game right now. I'm really beginning to hate this time of the year, its all about waiting for other people to tell you if they are giving you jobs or accepting you into their schools or whatever...I've decided I don't like waiting. :) I think we should outlaw it. sigh.

So, as you may have guessed its that happy time of year where Megan begins to realize that she will be unemployed really shortly and finding a new job would be a good idea if she wants to keep eating and paying off her student loans. yeah.

As far a prospects go there are some good ones. I interviewed with several places at SETC (or the South-Eastern Theater Conference) and so now I'm just waiting for word back from them...as I hear what's next I'm sure I'll post.

I've about decided to put off Grad School for one more year. I just didn't get my act together fast enough this year and to try and make the deadlines now would mean putting together shoddy work and I don't want to do that. I'm not really sure what happened this year. Well...Ok, that's not really true. I know exactly what happened. I freaked. I wanted Grad School so badly that the prospect of being turned down again froze me so I didn't do anything. Which is like the dumbest thing in the world because I just ensures that I'll never get in. I must overcome this I think. Really I'm better now that I was earlier in the year, I feel a lot more confident now, but it's a little late so I guess I'll have to sleep in the bed I've made. Really it's not a bad thing. I think the more professional work I get under my belt the easier it will be to get into the schools I want to get into so it really can't hurt me. Still...I am a silly duck...sigh.

So we are in the thick of Caesar at work. I've spent the better part of the last 2 weeks working load-in down at the lake. See, the final show of the season if preformed down at the Walt Disney Amphitheater on Lake Eola (which is loving called Lake Ebola by my family and I'm really afraid I'm going that I'm going to call it that in front of someone important before too long. :) ) So the set has to be loaded in to the outdoor space. It's a beautiful space. I'll post pictures if I can dig some up. This is rather pleasant in the mornings, but come 1 o'clock or so when you are getting the sun from in front, reflected off the deck below you and the white walls behind you and it's 90 degrees (in MARCH!!! yeesh!) it's not so fun. If you know me well you know what happens to me in the sun even with 50 sunscreen so it will be no surprise to learn that I'm looking a little lobersterish these days. Its pretty funny really, I have the strangest looking sunburn ever because I had paint splashed all over my hands and arms in odd places and sun doesn't burn through paint so I'm also looking rather leoperdish. sigh. But, such is the life of the OSF'er I'm afraid. :) Today though I got to stay at the Festival and work on stuff there. I spent most of the day gluing nuts (as in the things you screw onto bolts to keep them in place) to glob lights the make them look like rivets. (I think you'll just have to trust me when I say it works...its too hard to explain how.)

OK. This is a really disjointed post that really isn't either informative or witty but I'm really really tired and need to hit the sack, I just wanted to stick my toes back in the LJ world real quick. I didn't tell half the things I meant to, but I'll try to get back to them soon. Hope you all are doing well!


This is for Steph! :) Feb. 19th, 2006 @ 08:31 pm
Hello world! Long time no see. So...how's it been out here on the LJ waves? I've decided to revamp my LJ and maybe I'll be able to keep it updated a little better. A new year a new LJ a new me. Sounds like a plan yes?

So what's been up with you?

Florida has been good. Most of the time anyway, but that may be a story for another time. I feel like I've really learned a lot here. It will be nice to see what comes next...at the moment it's completely up in the air.

Right now I'm in the middle of getting 2 shows up. Jungle Book is opening this week and we are soooooooooo behind. There were some design issues and building issues and so now we load in four days from now and we are only about half way done. woot. But we'll get it done. We always do. :) Caesar is the next show (and the last) and we'll start really working on it when JB is up. I'm really excited about Caesar, we are working off the concept of what would the world be like if Rome never fell. So we are in some sorta modern time where Rome literally is the center of the world. Lots of chrome and concrete. Half the set is a beautiful old city and the other half is scaffolding and ply-wood. Is the city being rebuilt or torn down? It's pretty cool. :) I don't know what the policy is for posting show pictures on the web but if I can I'll put some up.

On a completely different not I must say that it's been rather cool to go to work, come home, and be done. No papers to stay up until 4am writing, no studying for tests until all hours. Its nice. Its giving me loads of time to get obsessive about more fandoms! woohoo! The three I've been sucked into down here are Gray's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Battlestar Galactica (I've decided to marry Jamie Bamber by the way...now we just have to find a way to ship his wife to Bermuda Triangle or something. lol) and Lost (by the way kaliraven I didn't know you were a Lost fan!!! We must squee together sometime! :) ) I'm also all into The West Wing too my house mates got me into it again, although kaliraven really gets the credit for this one though because she used to make me read J/D fanfic even when I didn't watch the show. So i've now seen seasons 1 through 5 and I've watched all of this new season. Very exciting

Ok. I know this is a short entry considering I haven't written in ages but I'm in the middle of Sex in the City marathon and then its time for Desperate Housewives and Gray's Anatomy. wheee!

Much love to you all!


PS. Cookies to anyone that can tell what all the pictures in my background. ;)
The Wind Is Blowing...: happyhappy
The Soundtrack Of My Life: Carrie Bradshaw being cool on my TV

Jul. 19th, 2005 @ 07:44 am

well...have finished...am a little overwhelmed (underwhemed? just wehelmed? ;) ) Am working on a list of thoughts and reactions, if anyone cares to read. I've been reading everyone else's with great interest. Steph, we need to have a good long talk about it! :) RH Refuge girls, I don't know if any of you will read this post but may I say I miss you muchly! I wish we could all sit down a talk about HBP together! And now we do the Dance of Joy! :)

The Wind Is Blowing...: thoughtfulthoughtful

Well now... Jun. 17th, 2005 @ 09:40 pm
So...if there was ever a time to update it is now...

*deep breath*

I just got a job with the Orlando Shakespeare Festival


It's all so strange. I've been waiting so long and there were so many closed doors between here and there...I haven't quite gotten my head around it yet.

Here are the basic facts:

Start date: Aug. 15. Will be moving in the 14th

Housing: Provided...other than that no details, I know they rent 2 bedroom apartments for the interns but just how many interns they squish into said apartment is unclear at this time.

Job title: Props and Scenic Artistry Assistant

Job duties: no details...I'm the only intern in this department, but what that means exactly I'm not so sure. I'll be working on a run of eight shows, six will be equity and two will be non. Hours are Monday to Friday eight am to six pm. Or so the story goes...

Other assorted facts: I know several people in FL but no one in Orlando. They have two inside theaters and one amazing outdoor space. There is a play festival in the spring that is world famous (well, maybe not world...but it's pretty well known). I'm terrified. I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself.

The interview itself was odd, it happened on my lunch break today and within three minutes (literally) he had offered me the job. I'm sure I sounded really unprofessional because when he asked if I had any questions I just laughed and told him I wasn't sure because I hadn't been expecting him to offer me the job so fast.

So...here we are. I haven't caught up with myself yet. I'm still waiting for the reality of the situation to set in...

My word.
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Other entries
» ummmm...hey...
so, yes....fall over in amazement! I'm still alive! :) I'm sorry I've been gone so long, live just got overwhelming and I've found that if you get out of the habit of these things you forget about them....but now I've remember and I'm on the verge of having time to use it agin so I just wanted to say, I am indeed alive and I'll be around soon, (not just now, I've got 2 days until the end of classes and a boat load of work to do) but soon. Hope you are all doing well!

» I have been up 23 hours and 16 minutes....
just thought I'd share....this is my first official "all nighter". It's quite a mile marker in my life. :)

Many apologies to you dear dear loves who I have shamefully neglected this week, school consumes me this week, I figure I'll average about 2.5 - 3 hours of sleep a night, so If I don't get back to you I'm not ignoring you, I'm just sleep deprived and dumb. :) I'll return to the land of the living ASAP!!!

Ok...I must away, there are still many miles to go before I sleep.....
» *sigh*
uggg...so not ready for it to be Monday....I don't think I' can do this too much longer. It just never ends....you know, all is stress and ickness and heaven only knows what.

Oh....don't mind me, I think I'm just feeling 'stretched thin, like butter spread over too much bread' haha. I'm in a grim mood because a toilet blew up (at least the pipes did) in our Fine Arts Building tonight and sent gallons of water flooding down into the theater space. We got it stopped and the maintained guys are going to fix it tomorrow so it's ok, it's just the principle of the thing.

On the bright side, my parents came up today and brought me my new purple coat and some yummy soup and some other fun stuff. It was nice to see them. And really it has been a good weekend over all, we had a 6 hour dance rehearsal for the spring musical Lucky Stiff on Sat and that was great fun, lots of work, but great fun.

****Tiny Return of the King Spoilers, just FYI****

I went and saw Return of the King again last weekend with Ruth and her brother Micah and his wife Amy. We had a really good time, we saw the movie and then went to dinner and talked about it. Then we went to Micah and Amy's house and had cake and watch the new Veggie Tale's movie. fun stuff. I like RotK more every time I see it. This time I was just really struck by the beauty of Sam and Frodo's friendship. This is not a new thing to me, I've been in love with the aspect of the plot for many years, but I think that P.J. Elijah Wood and Sean Astin do an astounding job, the moment that really seals it for me is the final scene at the Gray Havens where Frodo kisses Sam on the forehead, my goodness, it is so beautiful. wow! :) I am also struck by how far above the others Frodo is, even as he says goodbye to his cousins and his best friend he sees already to be moving away from them. It's not like he no longer cares, he feels the parting deeply, but he knows that he has no other path to choose, he knows he will never full be hole in the Shire again, he must follow his path through to its conclusion. He is about to pass through that gray rain curtain.....and Elijah Wood plays it so well....oh my.... :)

Well, I should away, I need to read The Cherry Orchid for class tomorrow....

Signing off....
» Just a note to say....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST, MOST AMAZING, SWEETEST WOMEN I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY FOR STEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hun, I hope this year is the best one yet and that is is full of blessings and good things for you! Welcome to the world of 21! *GLOMPS AND HUGS* LOVE YOU!
» I CANNOT believe this!!!!!!
So I just read the Oscar nominees for this year's awards AND NOT ONE ACTOR OR ACTRESS FROM LORD OF THE RINGS WAS NOMINATED!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE WORLD??????????? Oh my goodness! I can NOT believe it! I mean really!!!! WHAT KIND OF MORONS ARE MAKING THESE DESISIONS????????

Ok....so I'm an obsessive, strange person when it comes to these movies.....I love them dearly, not only because the story is so wonderful but because they are a COLOSSAL, MONUMENTAL, breakthrough in the film industry, why the technology they used for Gollum alone.....anyway I am willing to wager that even those of you who only saw the movies once are willing to admit that there have been some really amazing performances that have come out of these movies.

Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood, Sir Ian (both of them) David Wenhan, John Noble, John Rhys-Davies, Karl Urban, ANDY SERKIS (Lets just think for a moment about all this man put into these films….the voice, the physicality, the leaping into subzero water…). And that’s just the men….what about the women, I’m not even a huge Liv Tyler fan and I thought she was pretty good in this movie….and Miranda Otto completely blew me away with her Eowyn.

I would have been happy to see any of these fine actors and actresses nominated for this award but the one that really saddens me is Sean Astin….I really can’t believe that he was not nominated for best supporting actor, his Sam was one of the most touching, moving, deeply effecting performances I have ever seen….his work with Elijah Wood….there really are no words.

I just don’t understand the Oscar community, if Return of the King doesn’t win best picture (which it wont) or if they don’t make some kind of special recognition for being just about the most amazing thing to come out of the film industry in the last 30 years (which it wont) I’m not going to watch the Oscars ever again…….they shall feel my wrath….well, not really, but if I could make it so they could……yeah…..
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